Professional Services

In order to understand and improve your existing environment, we are always willing to help, support and share our experiences. The more you know about your network, the better you can plan for the future.

NetCraft Offers:

Network Assessment
NetCraft will engage with key IT network and security operators to proceed with an assessment of your current network and system infrastructure using our security assessment tools and monitoring systems. We will offer helpful insights into which system should be investigated for future projects that can bring a higher level security and network operations roadmap.

Network Consultation
We talk to people in your organization to gain a real understanding of your needs, now and into the future. We want to make sure your technology can grow with you and work out a full picture of your future network infrastructure.

Network Design
Based on what we learn we design a network. With a detailed and evolving knowledge of latest technology solutions, we can ensure your business takes full advantage of their capabilities to deliver greater performance and cost reductions.

Network Monitoring
We provide a complete solution for enterprise to monitor the entire network performance and devices’ status that enables you to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network problem and outages.

Project Management
Our project management services provide top-level project deployment and keep complex technology environments operating at maximum efficiency. A designated project team will integrate seamlessly with your IT staff using a pro-active approach to deploy hardware, software and systems. In addition to technical knowledge, our project teams are trained in client service so they’re as good at dealing with people as they are at providing great support and professional advice.